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School Update (09-18-2018)


Get Involved and Stay Informed (09-18-2018)


Good evening!  This is Principal Olivero providing your weekly school update.


This week is big for us as this Thursday, September 20th, starting at 5 pm, we will hold our annual Back-to-School Night.  At 5 pm, the Food Trucks will be here to start selling food.  From 5pm to 6pm, there will be a number of meetings which includes ELAC and Title I, School Site Governance Team Parent Elections, Student Clubs, and a host of other presentations.  Room visitations will begin promptly at 6:20 pm. 


Here’s the biggest challenge- where to park. There will already be visitors parking in the lot for the volleyball match and we have limited spaces.  This is not to discourage anyone as we think meeting your student’s teachers is important. But please plan ahead for carpooling, uber, lyft, whatever means you can create to get to and away from school for the evening. We suggest all parents arrive earlier than normal just in case parking is not found on site and street parking in the neighborhood is the only option.


Regarding Back-to School Night, a letter will be sent home to parents, via their student, on Wednesday evening.  The letter will have a map and students will be asked to write down their schedule so that parents know what classes and periods to attend.  We will have extra schedules in the attendance office. 


In the school’s registration materials, it explained that parents could review the sex education materials and curriculum for the district.  If a parent wants to review the new materials for the year, it will be available at a Back-to-School Night table and parents are to notify Vice Principal Jo McGlin if they want their student excluded from the mandated sex education trainings.  


As a reminder, picture make up day is Thursday during the school day for students. 


If you have not turned in a lunch application, please do so ASAP.


As shared the other day, the ballots are posted for SSGT and SSC student and parent representatives.  Please visit the front page of the school website to vote! 


And finally, the last day to order and pay for a PSAT exam is this Friday.  10th graders are free but it is $16 for students in grades 9 and 11. The SAT practice test will be on campus on Wednesday, October 10th. This is an important exam for our juniors in that it can qualify them for National Merit Recognition. 


Have a great week and we will see you all on Thursday night, UC U-Know!  -Mr. O.