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School Update (09-18-2017)


Get Involved and Stay Informed (09-19-2017)


Good evening!  This is Principal Olivero providing your weekly school update. 


As a last reminder, this Friday is the last day to order and pay for a PSAT exam for your student.  This is for 9th graders and 11th graders.  The cost is $16.  They can be paid for at the school finance window.  While I know I have said this, I will repeat it for the final time.  The PSAT for 10th graders is free.  There is no signing up as we automatically sign up all 10th graders. 10th graders will not get their booklets for the exam until two weeks before the test.  We do not give them out too far in advance because students have a habit of losing them.  Can you imagine?     


This Friday night will be a big one as our 4-0 varsity football team will be playing against a very tough opponent (Mar Vista High School) starting at 6:30 pm.  There will be a ribbon cutting ceremony schedule for 6:10 pm as Board members, Superintendent, and other distinguished guests will be on hand to recognize the new athletic facility completion that has come about over the last series of years.  This short ceremony is a way to thank our taxpayers for their support of our schools and making sure our school facilities remain a point of pride for our communities.  Well-maintained schools help students learn and also increase property values in the community.  All are welcome to watch some exciting football and the ceremony this coming Friday night in the stadium. 


Speaking of night events, we want to alert the need to have all students picked up within 30 minutes of a concluding event held on campus.  Very often when a game or dance lets out at say 9:30 pm, it can sometimes take parents an hour or more to come get their student.  And while the parent is negotiating their schedule to pick up their student, the left behind administrator is required to stay the event until their parent arrives.  I can say that as much as we love our students, we also want to get home to see our own family members.  Very often on event days, school administrators are working a 15 hour day.  Please know that if we find a student is not being picked up on time, we are likely to assign the student Saturday School as a courteously reminder notice to make sure they don’t cause UCHS staff to have to wait in the future. 


Last, thank you to all that donated school supplies and funding for the school.  We simply have the best school community support.  I believe over $800 was raised for PTSA distribution, and another $145 went to the Class of 2021.  Loving that! 


Hope to see you this week.  Mr. O.