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School Update (09-07-2017)


School Update (09-07-2017)


Principal Olivero here with your school update.  I have several items to share so if I get cutoff, please visit the school website under school news. 


First, please follow traffic safety rules wile arriving to and leaving school campus. It has been observed that we have had a few parents dropping off students along Genesee Ave, along the red curb.  This is a no-no! Even more problematic, we have had a few parents dropping off students across the street on Genesee where their student jaywalks while trying to dodge cars to get to the other side.   A few parents have even dropped off students in the middle of Genesee.  Yikes, this is a problem big time!    


Please know we appreciate how most all abide by the traffic rules to keep everyone safe.  Almost as important, is that our children see us abiding by these rules.  Our young people are watching us and if we think it’s ok to not follow the traffic rules, what message is it that we are sending to our young one’s. 


Second, next Thursday night, September 14th, will be out Back-to-School Night.  This will be an opportunity to meet your student’s teachers and get to know what they have planned for the year for your student.  Please mark your calendar now to set aside this important evening with us.  It will begin roughly at 6:00 pm. 


Last, I need to share information about the water testing happening in our district schools and at UCHS.   Last spring, they tested 5 water stations at our school and all five stations showed below level indicators for lead in the water.  While this was good news, there was one fountain that showed small amounts of lead present.  This fountain has been shut off.   Just to reiterate, while this fountain level was in the acceptable range, the Board of Education wants our water lead free or at least in the range of 5 parts per billion. 


As a result, in July, the Board of Education adopted a drinking water remediation plan that seeks to reduce the district’s lead in all drinking water to 5 parts per billion (ppb) or lower.   This new action level is the lowest among California school districts and matches the Food and Drug Administration’s standard for bottled drinking water.  As part of this new plan, all water fountains will be tested at schools.


Those interested in viewing detailed water sampling reports, learning more about the district’s water sampling effort, or learning more about lead poisoning prevention may visit www.sandiegounified.org/watersampling.


If you have questions, please contact the school district’s Safety Office via email at safetyoffice@sandi.net or by telephone at 858-627-7174.


Have a great weekend, Mr. O.