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School Update (09-05-2018)


School Update (09-05-2018)


Principal Olivero here with this week’s school update.  First, this Friday the PTSA will hold their first general meeting in the auditorium starting at 7:15 am.  I will be speaking at the end of their meeting to share how the school is doing and what our areas of focus will be for the school year.  The two areas will be helping students in math and supporting students with social and emotional needs. The school overall is doing extremely well and students are thriving. There is, however, data showing a need for more math help as well as mental health support for our students.


As shared in the call out last week, those interested in being a School Site Council or Site Governance Team representative should visit our school website and complete the online request form to be placed on the ballot. We need this done ASAP as elections for these spots will begin on Monday, September 17th. 


As some know, we have a number of teachers out on maternity related leave.  The difficulty is that these teachers are likely to be out for sometime and there may not be a substitute that has the background or subject area mastery, in the class needing to be taught.  As a result, next week we will be shifting some classes around to place our students overall in the best possible position. Please know that while some classes will have a substitute without subject area mastery, we will have onsite staff working to help them create common lesson plans. Again, the changes being made are for what’s best overall to the science and Bio Med programs at UCHS.   A note will be going home to the parents for students impacted. 


Please mark your calendar for Thursday, September 20th, as this will be our Back-to-School Night.  It will start at 6pm and go through until roughly 8pm.   


Last, if you are around a TV Friday morning, KUSI will be holding their AM morning Pep Rally at UCHS.  They will go live with segments throughout the morning, but the pep rally part is scheduled for 7:15am. 


Have a great week, Mr. O.