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School Update (09-05-2017)


School Update (09-5-2017)


Hello, Mr. Olivero here from UCHS.


Student and parent representatives are needed for the School Site Council (SSC) and School Site Governance Team (SSGT).

Student and parent representatives are needed to serve on the School Site Council (SSC). The SSC is an elected, shared decision-making group comprised of parents, community members, site administrators, teachers, staff, and students.  The SSC meets six times during the school year. Responsibilities of this group include overseeing categorical dollars the school receives as well as overseeing the Single Plan for Student Achievement.  UCHS needs two (2) parent representatives and two (2) students to serve on the SSC.  


UCHS is also seeking two (2) parents and three (3) student representatives for the School's Site Governance Team (SSGT).  Once a month after school the SSGT meets to discuss hot topics that directly impacts the life of students and parents on campus - such as school rules, Saturday School, and dance etiquette, school programs, etc.  Members also advise the principal on how to best use the school site funds to support teaching and learning.

If you wish to serve on one of these two groups, please send me an email at jolivero@sandi.net by Thursday, September 7, 2017. 


Thank you, Mr. O.