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School Update (08-30-2017)


School Update (08-30-2017)


Principal Olivero here with you school update.  School is underway and the scheduling of students is calming down.  We have teachers for all classes with the exception of our community college English class.  On Friday, at 6 pm, I received a call from Mesa Community College stating that the teacher they had planned for us did not have the proper credential and as a result, they would be looking for a new teacher for us.  At this point, they are still looking.


On Friday morning, at 7:15 am, all are invited to our first PTSA meeting where parents will hear about ongoing school topics and hear from me about where we are headed as a school for the year.  There is also Q and A at this meeting. I encourage all to attend as it is extremely helpful to be in the know by what’s happening at your student’s school. The meeting on Friday will be in the auditorium. 


As we get started with our new school year, some have asked about the budget cuts made and how this will impact the school and for their student.  Please know that the cuts made will not directly impact the teaching and learning that takes place in the classroom.  Students will all have a teacher and will have a class size of 36 or fewer students.   


Where the cutbacks will probably be noticed will be in our ability to quickly support the needs of students, parents and teachers in the main office.  Please know that we will do everything possible to be responsive, but the reduction will be challenging.  Tallying up the number of furlough days and loss in staffing to UCHS for 2017-18 is significant.  Please know this going into the school year, but also know we intend to work as quickly as we can to serve and support our school community. This may already be evident as we know the school’s marquee and school website is down and not working properly.  We are not alone as other schools are facing these same IT issues.  We have notified district’s IT department and they are working to resolve these problems.  


How can you help?  You can get involved and volunteer when the opportunities present themselves.  Working together, we believe can keep the same stand of support our students, parents, and staff deserve. 


Speaking of support, Clap it Up!!!  You’ll be happy to know that over 30 students, parents and staff showed up last Saturday to pick weeds.  Within a very short period of time we were able to cover a large area of the school parking lot and entrance to the school.  Very impressive Cents!


Also, as class advisor for the Class of 2021, we held our first fundraiser at the new student orientation meeting and took on over $1,350 dollars.  Now that’s what I’m talking about!  We are off to a good start 20-1. 


As we move into our Labor Day weekend, we hope all will enjoy the three day weekend and remain safe.  Our hearts and thoughts go out to our fellow Americans in Texas, and to those impacted by the recent weather events in southern part of the United States. 


We hope to see you Friday morning and have a great weekend.  Mr. O.   

School Update (08-30-2017) | University City


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