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School Update (08-28-2018)


Principal Olivero here and we are officially off and running. Thank you to our parents who dropped off students early on Monday.  This really helped as we were able to have most all students in classes by the time school started on Monday.   


I am calling to remind everyone that this year most all Wednesdays will be a late-start morning.  This means classes will not start until 8:50 am. This also means that for students taking a bus to school, their pick up time will be anywhere between an hour to an hour and twenty minutes later pick up time. While students are getting more sleep, UCHS staff will be at school working on curriculum design, assessments, and strategies to improve teaching and learning.  


In a few days we will be asking for volunteers from students and parents to sit on our School Site Council (SSC) and School Site Governance Team (SSGT). We will need one parent representative for SSC, and one student for SSC, and one parent representative for SSGT and one student for SSGT.  More information will be coming out about these needs. 

On Friday, the school will be giving out to all students the annual Free and Reduce Meal Application.  While we have not this in the past, we are going to ask that this year ALL parents complete the form via an online application or through an application that will be sent home with students on Friday.  


Here is why we need ALL parents to complete the application. The school two years ago gained  over $75,000 annually to spend on instructional supplies, field trips, support classes, etc., based on the number of students who qualified for a Free Meal. In order for a school to receive these funds, over 40% of the student population has to qualify under the federal guidelines. Because our percentage has now dropped to 38%, this year we will not get these needed funds.  Because our numbers are so close to 40%, we believe the school can qualify if all parents complete the necessary forms. 


While some parents may think they earn too much to qualify their student, there are a number of factors that are used in making this determination. So ALL should complete the application even if they think they will not qualify.


Those gaining Free and Reduced lunch status gain not only a free meal at school each day, but they also qualify for reduced fees on SAT tests, AP tests, and other college application needs.


There are two ways to complete the application: 1) Go online: www.sandiegounified.org/food; or 2) Complete the application being sent home on Friday.  All must register by the 3rd week in September.  We will also have a link on our school webpage. 


Have a great week!  Mr. O.