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School Update (08-25-2017)


UCHS School Update (08-25-2017)


Good afternoon Centurions! Wow, what a week! 


We hope all will join us tonight at 6:30 pm for the football game and tomorrow morning at 9am for campus beautification.  For tomorrow morning, please bring a shovel, if you have one and gardening gloves, if you have those.  I have to be honest, I am truly hoping I am not the only one out there picking weeds.  I am not suggesting our parents join me, I am saying please encourage, in a fun parental way, your student to get out of bed and help me make their campus look better.  It’s only an hour and they will have a better since of school pride in their home.  Again, am hoping I am not alone tomorrow at 9am.    


How are we looking for Monday and the start of school?  I have some good news and some challenging news.  First, we have found some math teachers and an Engineering teacher. This is the result of your efforts to send possible candidates our way. Thanks for answering the call!


I also want to report that for the most part, all students will have a schedule on Monday and we have done everything possible to make sure students are in the right class.  Please know that each student is to attend their class posted on their schedule, even if it is wrong until we have a chance to make the correction.  Counselors will be available at lunch to speak with students about any possible errors.   


Ok, here comes the challenging news, while we have all our teachers for our classes, some four of them were hired this week and we have not yet received the results for them and will have to start with a substitute in their classes. These teachers will start as soon as we get clearance. 


Just let everyone know, we are a lot thinner in terms of office support for students, families and parents this year.  This is a result of budget cuts.  Not only have we had to reduce office staff, most all employees (except teachers) are required to take a number of furlough days (non-paid days) off from school. Most, like myself, have been reduced by 13 days.  How will this impact the school, it means on days when office staff will is off, we will have to juggle other office staff around to fill in the gaps.


I share this information up front because I think it is important to let you know that it may take us longer to respond to requests for help, but we promise to try to keep pace with the desired needs.   


For Monday, for the first day of school, please be early and drive extremely carefully. Many new parents do not know the traffic pattern and it takes a little time educating everyone on the do’s and don’ts.   


I am very excited about the new school year and we hope to see you tonight, tomorrow and of course Monday.  Clap it up!!!  Mr. O.