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School Update (08-22-2018)

Good evening Centurions!


We thank our students and parents for enduring the long registration lines. This message is for new students and new families to UCHS.


Hopefully everyone knows that we are hosting a New Student Orientation Thursday night, starting at 6pm. It will be located by the gym and we hope to have many student club reps. available to answer questions about how to get involved and connected.


During the 6pm-7pm time frame, the PTSA will be working with a local church to cook hotdogs, serve chips, offer water and offer other goodies. All that is asked is that families donate $1 that will go towards PTSA grants.    


To let all know, the event Thursday night will be what I consider as one of our most important nights for students over the next four years. It will set the stage for our new students and where we are headed over the next four years. This event planned for our new students is one of our most popular for the year. 


See you all Thursday night!  Mr. O.