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School Update 08-15-2016


Summer Update and Information for UCHS Registration (2106)

Hello UC Centurion families!  This is it, it’s time for registration for all 9th graders between the hours of 8 am to 10:30 am, and for all 12th graders from 12:30 pm to 2:30 pm for Tuesday, August 16th.  The same time slots will be used for 10th graders in the morning and for the 11th graders in the afternoon on Wednesday, August 17th.

Please check the school website if your student needs transportation for the registration days.  Listed are the times and locations for pick up and drop off.

A couple of to do’s to help with registration:

1. Make sure all paperwork is in order before leaving from home to school. 

2. When purchasing items like an ASB, PE clothes, yearbook, etc., those with a check written in the exact amounts can drop off their order form and not wait as long in line.  Those using cash will unfortunately have to wait a bit longer.  On the check, please make sure to write the name of the student, could be different from the parents and make sure to include their student ID number. 

3. The driveway entrance by the marquee will be closed.  All vehicles and student walking traffic will have to use the school entrance by the traffic light.  The good news is that the student walkway will be open and ready for student use.  Yippie!!

Volunteers Needed:

As we gear up for registration the next two days, we could use some more volunteers to help us.  We have a good crew that always helps, but many have graduated and we could use some more help particularly over the next two days. Please visit the school website and on the front page there is a sign-up link to complete allowing you to fill in a particular time slot.  We always appreciate the help we get from parents and it also allows our parents to learn more about what’s happening at school.   

See you soon Cents! 

Mr. O.