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School Update (06-05-2018)


Get Involved and Stay Informed (06-05-2018)


Good evening, Principal Olivero here with your weekly school update.


Tomorrow, Wednesday, June 6th, will be our last early out day for the school year.  Students will be dismissed at 12:59 pm. 


Because there could be some rumblings, today, we received a rumor after school that there was to be a fight between some students up at Standley Park.  We alerted school officials at Standley Middle School and Mr. Paredes and I drove up to the park to see if everything was ok. Mr. Paredes arrived first and found a group squaring off to fight.  As Mr. Paredes and Standley Administration arrived, the group began to disperse. We were able get some video and have the license plates for two of the vehicles involved.  We’ve already begun to call in some of our students and know that the disagreement stems back from a non-school event over the weekend. Please know we will be following up with our students involved.    


Seniors and their parents, if your student is going off to a 4-year college, they need to complete a final transcript request (pink) so they can be sent to their university or college.  These can be found in room 424 with the school registrar.   


If you are still wanting a yearbook, one can still be purchased.  Despite rumors that they are sold out, they are not.  There are still 100 left.  First come, first serve. 


We are checking in lockers this week.  If your student checked out a lock and locker in the quad, they must clear out their belongings and turn in their lock by Thursday, June 7th. 


The rest of the message is for students in 9th, 10th and 11th grades. 


Students will receive a mock schedule for 2018-19 school year on Wednesday, June 7th.  Please know that course selections were based on qualifications, recommendations, and whether there was room for students in a course.  In some cases, not enough students made course requests for certain AP course and we had to drop the course as a result. In these cases, students will be programmed into their second choice selections.  At lunch on Wednesday and Thursday, counselors will be outside in the quad to meet with students at lunch to answer questions and address scheduling needs. After these two days there won’t be any more course selection changes after this point.   


We’re getting there.  Hang in there Cents.  Mr. O.