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School Update (05-25-2017)


Get Involved and Stay Informed (05-25-2017)

Good evening, principal Olivero with you Memorial Day weekend school update.  As you know there we will be off tomorrow and next Monday to observe those who died defending our great country.  For these great Americans, we thank you!  

On the school website’s front page, we ask all parents download and print the California Parent Survey.  We need at least 25% of them from our parents.  We ask that parents give their survey results to their students to turn in to the front office.  This survey is due back to the school by May 31st. 

For students who are failing a class, next week will be the deadline for signing up for summer courses.  All students needing to make up a credit need to see their counselors to request the class or classes they need for credit.  A parent signature is required as part of signing up for summer school classes.   

Clap it up!!  Tonight our Softball team plays in the semifinals in Poway.  If they can win, they advance to the CIF Championship Saturday.  Also tonight, we honor many of our distinguished seniors as part of the annual senior wards night.  This evening over 100 seniors are being recognized.

Tomorrow night will be the senior prom.  It will be held at the Catamaran, at 3999 Mission Blvd., San Diego.  This is always a great evening for our seniors and we look forward to seeing them in their finest attire. 

It is increasingly becoming a problem with the latest craze.  What is that craze?  It’s the craze involving students wiring in their food order and having a company deliver their meal to the school.  And while this is a pretty cool deal, students are not supposed to order food for takeout unless they order enough food for everyone.  You know the rule! Just kidding!  Seriously though, students are not to order in food or have parents drop off food.  It’s simply too hard to monitor and staff is being asked to deliver meals.  Please know that any food delivered will be held until the end of the day for students.          

As we head down the stretch, it will become increasingly busy at UCHS.  Next week on Thursday, June 1st, we have the underclass awards, senior versus staff in the battle of the brains, and the students versus staff softball game. 

We wish everyone a safe and enjoyable weekend as we recognize those who served and died for our country.