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School Update (05-10-2017)

Get Involved and Stay Informed (05-10-2017)

Good Evening!  Principal Olivero here with a school update.

Each year we seem to get a case like this and we are required by the Health Inspectors to notify all stakeholders.  We have been notified that we have a student who has been diagnosed with a case of pertussis - whooping cough. 

Pertussis is spread in the air through coughing and sneezing.  Symptoms include runny nose, slight fever and cough which becomes worse.  Coughing spasms may follow with a whooping sound, gagging, vomiting, choking or turning blue.  Infants and older adults are at highest risk for complications.  Getting the pertussis vaccine greatly reduces chances of infection, but does not eliminate it.  Immunized children with symptoms should visit their doctors.

The disease is treated with antibiotics. Call your doctor if your child has symptoms or is not fully immunized.  Your doctor may want to test for Pertussis, even if your child has a new symptom of runny nose, without a cough.  To be fully immunized, all children over age 10 and adults (including those over age 64 years) must receive a booster shot at least once.  Younger children must have 5 shots by school entry. The new California Immunization law requires a Tdap booster for school attendance for grades 7-12.

For more information on Pertussis or county immunization clinics, call the County Health Department at 1-866-358-2966.

Progress reports are being given to students Friday, May 12th.  Please check the Parent Portal for progress updates.  Parents who have seniors need to really key in on these grades.  Graduation is around the corner and there is such a thing called senioritis.  It can hit some students hard and this can impact their admittance into a college and can cause them to not graduate on time.  Please monitor these last few weeks as their progress or lack of can make a difference.    

Starting Monday we have block schedule for the next 9 school days or so.  We are modifying the school bell schedule to allow our juniors time to take the required SBAC (common core) tests.  These are exams in the areas of math and English.  Many have asked why students taking these exams and here are some of the reasons: 1) The scores from the math and ELA for juniors are used by colleges and universities to determine what math and English class a student will be assigned for their first year in college.  If students do not do well, which is about 30% of them, they will be required to take a remedial math and English class in college. 2) The collective scores by students make up a composite score for the school which is one factor colleges use to determine the academic reputation of a high school. This is important as colleges are trying to figure the difference between the same GPA for two different students from two different schools.  3) The state of California uses these scores to measure academic progress for students in schools- this data is then used by teachers to determine academic gaps in learning based on what students know and can do.  So for these reasons we suggest all juniors do their very best on these exams. 

Last, as we complete the end if the school year, we clap it up for our spring sports as the head into CIF competition.  Badminton last Saturday competed and won the team CIF championship. This week they start individual play.  The Men’s Volleyball team has won a league championship for the first time in 20 years.  They will host the opening round of CIF this Saturday, May 13th, in the gym at 5pm. On Friday our track athletes will compete at UCHS for the City Conference Championships. Softball again won a league title and heads into CIF as they will host their opening game next week.  We wish all of our teams and athletes the very best!  

Have a great week!  Mr. O.