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School Update (05-10-2016)


Get Involved and Stay Informed (05-10-2016)


Good evening, Principal Olivero here with your weekly school update.

Seniors, if you are receiving a college scholarship, we would like to recognize you at the Senior Award ceremony.  To do this, we need for you to bring your proof of award to Ms. Bradshaw, counselor, by this Friday 5/13.  

Students planning to take a community college class next year.  A mandatory meeting is planned for all students and their parents for Tuesday, May 17th.  The meeting will be in the media center from 6-7pm. Students need to register for their classes and we need to make sure this happens ASAP. 


This Thursday night, May 12th, at 7pm, will be the Battle of the Brains. The matchup features the students versus the staff.  Cost is $3 dollars for children and $5 for adults.


This Friday students will receive their progress report grades for their second semester classes.  These grades can also be viewed on Friday, via the PowerSchool Parent Portal. 


As shared last week, Sunday, May 22nd, is a big day at UCHS.  The Eric Parades Save a Life Foundation will be at school to screen students between the ages of 12 to 25 can receive a free heart screening. While many athletes and students routinely get a physical from a nurse or primary doctor, most health care practitioners DO NOT screen for Sudden Cardiac Arrest.  The statistics show that 1 in 100 students will be found to be at risk of SCA.  SCA is the number one killer for student athletes. 


In addition to making sure you have your student screened, I am asking for volunteers to help us for a few hours. We are expecting over 1000 students during this time and we need help assisting the health professionals who will be on hand to perform the screenings.  At this time, we need over 45 volunteers. We really need people to help to make sure this community event is a success!  Please go the school website and under School News, sign up your student for screening and for volunteering. 


Last, I am proud to announce that the school received it’s WASC report from the state of California.  As you may recall, the school prepared a 200 page report on the school and had over eight officials review the school by talking to students, parents and staff.  The WASC report concluded that the school has many great qualities and gave the school their highest accommodation by giving the school a 6-year accreditation.


Clap it up!!!  Lots of good things happening at UCHS.  Have a good evening.  Mr. O.