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School Update (04-10-2018)


Get Involved and Stay Informed (4-10-2018)

Principal Olivero here with your weekly school update. 

Next Tuesday, April 17th, we will again hold a lock down drill.  While we held one two weeks ago, I think it would benefit us to again practice.  Last time we let staff and students know when we were going to declare a lockdown, this time we are only sharing the day we will have a practice lockdown. Again, that’s on Tuesday, April 17th. 

This Friday Night, April 13th, at 6pm, the music department will hold their 4th Annual Sights & Sounds Showcase. The event will begin with a silent auction and cocktails for adults. The family friendly evening show will feature sensational musical performances from UCHS students and staff, and of course, UCHS Music Director, Brandon Corenman.  He will be performing with the Latin jazz band "Rhumba y Soul."  This is a fundraising event that features some amazing talents of students and staff.  It will be held at the Jewish Community Center on Executive Drive.

During the next three weeks, all students in grades 9 and 11 will complete the California Healthy Kids Survey.  Student participation is voluntary and anonymous.  The purpose of the annual survey is to obtain information from students about their knowledge, attitudes, and behavior about things that affect learning.  It deals with issues of school safety, harassment, substance use, school connectedness, and learning supports. 

If you do not want your student taking this survey, again, for students in grades 9 and 11, please email Ashley Franz at afranz@sandi.net or Jo McGlin at jmcglin@sandi.net by 5 pm on Wednesday, April 11th.  Please make sure to include your student’s name and grade level. 

In seeking information from a parent perspective, all parents are also encouraged to take the California School Parent Survey for our school.  Parents will be asked similar questions about the school.  Please know that the state of California uses the results from students and parents to determine the strengths and weaknesses of a school. The link to the survey can be found on the front page of our school website.  The directions will provide you with a web address to cut and paste to your browser. Thank you for taking the time to provide us feedback for areas of strengths and areas we can get better. 

Tomorrow night, April 11th, we will hold a mandatory meeting for students and their parents who plan to take a community college class next year.  The meeting will be held at 6pm in the auditorium.  It’s important that we meet to go over what it means to take a college class on a high school campus and impact and benefit taking a class can have for students.

To provide additional guidance and assistance, a community college representative will be on hand to address how the community college supports the needs of 504 and special education IEPs.  We will also have Spanish translation services available for our Spanish speaking parents. 

Last, I will be sending a callout regarding the challenges related to cell phone use by students. Please be aware that the school’s Site Governance Team will be making a proposal to eliminate access and use of cell phones in classes.  I will be calling out soon to share the proposal discussed by the SSGT.   

Have a great week.   -Mr. O.