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Get Involved and Stay Informed (03-19-2017)


Good Evening!  Principal Olivero here with a school update.

This Wednesday night, March 22, 2017, at 6:30 pm, I will be holding a Principal’s Chat.  While I normally provide these at PTSA meetings, I have decided to hold one mid-week conversation to address some rumblings I have heard regarding what is and is not happening at UCHS this year.

This year had been a bit bumpy and not a typical UC school year.  We have had some issues surrounding our young Centurions making poor choices.  Furthermore, their decisions have caused a series of challenges for the school, particularly over the last few weeks. Some people know of some of these incidents and others do not. 

We are holding the meetings to allow both students and parents an opportunity to hear from the school about what is happening, and to give stakeholders a chance to ask questions about rumors or things they have heard that may not make sense.

To help our stakeholders, we will first hold a meeting Wednesday night.  Second, I have asked my front office support person, Lucy Alonzo, to clear my schedule on Thursday to allow those interested to meet with me individually should they want to ask additional questions or want to meet on this day because they could not make the Wednesday night’s gathering.    

We think it’s important to be transparent and allow our stakeholders the opportunity ask questions about what they have heard. 

Again, the Principal’s Chat will be Wednesday night, at 6:30 pm, in the media center.  We will have translation services available for our Spanish speaking parents. If wanting to meet Thursday, please call the school and ask for Lucy Alonzo.

As shared last week, please make sure to order and pay for the AP test. The deadline is March 23rd. 

This week we are very excited to announce the running of the school musical, The Addams Family.  It features our talented actors and singers with our award winning music program.  Please go online to order your tickets to this exciting student performance. 

Last, Progress report grades will be coming out Friday so please make sure to check your student’s grades and know their progress. In April, we will have two our early out Wednesday’s that will allow our students to meet with their teacher for some one-on-one time.  I will update you further about these dates when we get to April. 

Have a great Sunday night!  Mr. O.