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School Update (03-13-2018)

Get Involved and Stay Informed (3-13-2018)

Principal Olivero here with your weekly school update. 

As shared last week, tomorrow March 14th, we expect there to be a peaceful and productive student-led civic engagement activity.  This is to happen just before 10am. I should point out that the activity is something that has been organized by many student groups across the nation.  Please know SDUSD supports students’ Constitutional rights to peaceful assembly and free expression. As such, I have been in discussion with our student leaders who want to hold a peaceful engagement activity on campus. We cannot, however, endorse student walkouts.  Rather, we encourage students to engage in student-led civic engagement on campus.  If students leave campus, they will be marked as “unexcused.” 

The student-led civic engagement activity will take place from roughly 10 am to 10:17 am, a designated 17 minute period (these 17 minutes are to represent the number of lives lost at Parkland High School in Florida).  During this time students have three options: they can stay in class, go to the media center, or walk to the presentation area in front of the student store. Students will not be marked absent from class unless they do not return to class after 10:17 am.  When students return to class, they will be given 25 minutes to spend studying, talking about current event issues, and/or writing/calling their political representatives.  At 10:48 am, the bell will ring for students to move on to their next class, period five.

Please know that students have the right to free speech.  However, students do not have the right to be a behavior problem on campus.  Schools rules for appropriate behaviors and dress code will be in full effect.    

Shifting gears, to give everyone a heads up, next Wednesday, March 21st, we will be having two lock down drills.  One drill will be to teach students where to go and how to best protect themselves based on district policy and the second drill will take place during the passing period of 3 and 4. More details will go out to our school stakeholders as we will want to be more proactive/interactive in terms of how we normally run our drills. 

Have a good evening.  -Mr. O.