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School Update (03-10-2019)


Principal Olivero here with an early week call out. 


Tomorrow, Monday, March 11th, the SSGT will be meeting to finalize a decision regarding next year’s start time proposal to the district.  Whatever decision is reached needs to be approved by the district as transportation (bus) costs are a consideration. The meeting will be at 2:30 pm and will be in the principal’s conference room.  Students, staff, and parents have the right to talk to the SSGT members one last time before a decision is made. 


The SSGT will also be discussing a draft for the new possible Dress Code Policy for the school. 


On Monday, March 18th, a team of three educators representing the WASC accreditation will visit the school where they will talk to parents, students, and visit classes.  The visit is called a Mid-term review where the school reviews its strengths and weaknesses and creates a report on what goals it will work on before the next full visit which will be in 2022. All high schools in the state of California go through what is called a WASC accreditation process.    


Why is accreditation important? Being accredited shows the public that the school is a trustworthy institution of learning, validates the integrity of a school’s program and student transcripts, fosters improvement of the school’s programs, and assures a school community that the school has a viable educational program. In addition, it is essential for college-bound students because colleges and universities examine transcripts to determine if students have attended accredited schools, and accreditation is necessarily to receive Cal Grants, and to have a-g courses considered by UC schools.


And last, as a reminder, if you like the show American Idol, watch tonight as one of our very own Centurions will be auditioning for the show.  It will be on ABC at 8pm. 


Have a great week!  Mr. O.