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School Update (03-08-2017)


Get Involved and Stay Informed (03-08-2017)

Good Evening!  Principal Olivero here with a school update.

Am not sure if it’s too late of notice, but tonight the Music Department is holding their annual Spring Concert in the gym at 7pm. 

This Saturday night, March 11th, the school will host the Sadie Hawkins dance at Sea World.  It starts at 7pm and lets out at 11 pm.  Just to let everyone know, the school through support of EdUCate funding, has purchased a heavy duty flashlight that also servers as a breathalyzer.  That’s right… it will detect any amount of alcohol on the breath of an individual.  It will not determine the amount of alcohol consumed only that alcohol is present.  We ask that all students refrain from any form of alcohol if attending the dance.  The parents of students found to have alcohol on their breath will be called and asked to pick up their student.  We have made this investment to make sure our students arrive and leave the school dance safely. 

Given the divisiveness that has been fueled by the recent election and ongoing debates concerning immigration, civil rights, race, and religion, I have posted on the school website a letter from me outlining some of the ways the school is addressing these topics.  Specifically, how the school is striving to make the school a safe, inclusive, and respectful school community.  I ask that all parents read the letter that is posted on the main page under school news. 

Looking ahead, Friday, March 17th, will be the last day for the first progress reporting period for the second semester.  The following Friday, March 24th, progress report cards will be given to students. 

As a change, to let everyone know, UCHS will be hosting summer school this year.  Students needing to make up credits in English, math, social studies, and science will be able to take classes at UCHS if they can get their own transportation to the school.  We will also have special education classes this summer at UCHS.     

Last, I need to share that the students once again took on the staff in the annual basketball game last Friday.  The game was again a very close contest.  In fact, it went overtime.  I won’t state who won the game, but will share that our students got schooled twice last Friday.

Have a great week and don’t forget to buy a brick.  Be part of the legacy!    Mr. O.