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School Update (02-26-2018)

School Update (02-26-2018)
Good evening, Principal Olivero here with your weekly school update.  I am calling early this week so that parents can make plans to attend the PTSA meeting Thursday night.  The PTSA meeting will be at 6:15 pm, and followed by the Principal Chat at 6:45 pm. 
The topic for the Principal Chat is a MUST for all parents who are raising teenagers.  The topic for the chat has to do with how our teenagers are different from the Baby Boomers (1946-1964), Generation X (1965-1979), and Millennials (1980-1994). What they find important and how they spend their time is very different from prior generations. These changes have positive and negative consequences for them and their families.
I will be reviewing the research by San Diego State University professor, Jean Twenge, who has written a book called iGen. The i in iGen stands for our teenagers who have grown up with an iphone or smart phone in their hand.  As a result of these devices and access to the internet, it has changed the way our teenagers think and react to the world around them.  Again, sometimes this is for the good, and other times this is for the bad.

I can’t stress how important I think it is to have this conversation with you.  I feel a certain responsibility to make sure you are in the know for how your teens and you are being influenced by the technology around us.  So important is this topic, I have also reached out to our Standley Middle School parents so they can also attend.  Just to know, we will have Spanish translation services available for Spanish speaking parents.  Again, the Principal Chat will be at 6:45 pm, this Thursday night.

Shifting topics, all students taking an AP exam must register online by Friday, March 2.  Students must go to http://aptestservice.com/uchs to register online.  If a student is a free and reduced lunch student, they need to make sure they see Lucy Alonzo in the finance office (media center) to get a special fee reduction code.  If you have further questions, please email counselor Ms. Van Bemmel.

Last, many times parents approach me about how they can help the school and teachers. The great folks at EdUCate have set up a Teacher Grant website that allows parents the opportunity to help fund special projects for students. We encourage all to visit: https://www.uc-educate.org/donate/teacher-wish-list/ the EdUCate website. Their website allows the user to see what grant requests have been made by the teachers at the five UC schools.  Please check it out.  It’s a great vehicle to share what teachers need to enhance teaching and learning for students. 

Have a great week and I hope to see you Thursday night for the PTSA meeting and Principal Chat. 

Mr. O.