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School Update (02-06-2018)


New Semester School Update (02-06-2018)


Good evening, Principal Olivero here with your weekly school update.


We want to first thank our parents and students for helping us with our front office move to the media center.  Your help has allowed us to purge, pack and move over our items needed.  We currently have over 85% of our staff who have moved, with the others moving over on Thursday.


Starting on Thursday, February 8th, we will officially close the front office to student and parent foot traffic.  With the front office closed, we will also be closing the two fence gates next to the front office.  Parents and visitors to the school will need to enter campus using the south facing side door of the media center next to the student parking lot. The nurse’s office will also have a door facing this same parking lot.  If you have school business, please try to park near the side door of the media center and not next to the front office.    


With our limited space and staffing in the media center, we will no longer be able to hold and track down students who have forgotten their books, lunch, cell phones, etc.  Please make sure to make arrangements in advance for these types of items.  If a lunch is forgotten, parents may either email or text their student asking them to come by the media center to pick up their lunch or item from their parent during a passing period or at lunch.   


To further complicate the front office move, our administrative assistant will not be back at work until April.  Venus Matos was our person who coordinated field trips, time and labor, school calendar, hiring and payment to staff, and school facility use and rentals.  We are looking to shift another staff person over to this assignment, but are waiting for approval from the district to make this shift.  In the meantime, if you have an athletic question, please email our Athletic Director, David Asuncion.  If have a facility need, please email Mr. Paredes.  If you have an emergency, please call the school and reach a staff person or email a school administrator.   


There is a lot happening next week, but I’ll send another message early next week.   


Have a great week.  Mr. O.