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School Update (01-23-2018)


School Update (01-23-2018)


Principal Olivero here with your school finals update.    


Over the next three days students will be taking their finals for their first semester classes.  Each day students will go to two of their classes and school will be let out at 11:59 am.  We wish our Cents the very best and are hopeful they will finish strong! 


At the School Site Governance Team meeting last week, they reached a decision regarding the late school start proposal for next year. The team decided that we would only move forward by asking the district to have a late start on Wednesdays next year.  Please know that this does not mean the district will approve of our late start request for Wednesdays, but it does mean we are making a request.  Along with this request going to the district for a late start on Wednesdays, the SSGT has agreed to form a committee of parents, staff and students to study how other schools (in the state) are modifying their schedules to have a later start and still meet the needs of after school activities.  If you would like to be a member on this committee, please email me at jolivero@sandi.net .       


Have a great week.  Mr. O.