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School Update (01-11-2018)


School Update (01-11-2018)


Principal Olivero here with your school update. 


On Monday, there will be no school on Monday, January 15th, in honor of Martin Luther King.  Please take this time to remember and reflect on what it means to have a blue print for life.  I ask that you wait to the end of this message to hear what MLK has to say about having a blue print.   


Please know that Athletic Director and JROTC instructor Brain Josten is no longer at UCHS.  He was promoted by taking a vice principal position at Vista High School.  We wish him the very best at his new school as he did a fantastic job serving our school community.  As we transition, our new interim Athletic Director is David Asuncion who is co-department chair person in math and is our Head Girls Basketball Coach. Should you have any questions about physicals and out athletic programs, please reach out to him. 


On Tuesday, January 10th, the School’s Site Governance Team met to discuss and vote on whether to change the school starting time for next year.  There were several votes taken and at this point the SSGT is considering looking at approving a staggered school schedule.  What this may look like is to have some students and staff starting roughly as the same time school starts now, and the others starting an hour later in the morning; roughly 8:30 am.  The SSGT has not approved of any change, but is seeking a solution that can support the needs of students and staff.  The online survey results were looked at it showed that a majority or more staff and current UCHS students want to keep the same schedule, while our parents, Standley students and parents, favor starting school later. The SSGT will again be meeting on Wednesday, January 17th, to try to make a decision for how to move forward. 


To look at a potential mock staggered schedule (I am not saying we could 100% make it work), please see the school website for a draft staggered school schedule.     


Next Tuesday, January 16th, the students who took the PSAT in October will receive their results.  Please ask your students for these as we will ask that they attend a grade level assembly on the 16th to go over their results. 


Next Wednesday, January 17th, it will be our last after school intervention day.  This is a time for students to stay late (from 1:00 pm to 2:30 pm) to meet with their teachers to get extra help and to work in study teams. The following week will be finals and this time is being set aside so that students can make up exams and assignments and work with their teachers in a more one-on-one setting. 


We wish you all a great three day weekend as we recognize the amazing contributions Martin King made to our great nation. 


Mr. O.