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School Update (01-05-2017)


Get Involved and Stay Informed (01-05-2017)


Good Evening!  Principal Olivero here with your first 2017 school update. 


As you know, we are working our way towards the end of the first semester.  Semester finals will take place January 25th, 26th, and 27th.  Each day will be a minimum day where students will attend two of their class each of the days.


In preparation for semester finals and to give students additional assistance, we will use the early out day on Wednesday, Jan. 18th, to allow students the time to meet individually with their teachers. Students from the hours of 1:00 pm to 2:30 pm, can meet with their teachers to talk about completing projects, assignments, or maybe completing extra work? Please know that we will order extra late activity buses to allow our students a means to use this time to meet with teachers if needed.  Please circle this day on your calendar and encourage your student to use this time wisely.


Please know that the school’s Site Governance Team will be meeting on Monday, January 9, 2017, to discuss two important topics:


1. The 2017-18 Budget Outlook (Early projections for the district seem to indicate a $117 million dollar deficit). We will discuss what this may mean for the classes, programs, and support for UCHS for next year. We will discuss possible classes to close and open as well as whether to continue to fund cheerleading as sport versus as a club.


2. The potential desire to close all athletic facilities to outside community groups after hours.  Any group can decide to go through the district to request access to the facilities, but the question is to whether we should lock the gates to help prevent overuse and vandalism to the fields and courts.  It’s up to the school to decide whether to keep the facilities open and we have, but wonder if it’s no longer prudent to do so.  Most all other high schools close their facilities. We will discuss what the stakeholders think about this at the meeting.


Please let your SGT representative know how you feel about these two topics. 


Looking ahead, UCHS will be reaching out to our 8th grade middle school students at Standley where all 8th graders will spend the school day at UCHS on Thursday, January 19th.  UCHS will be hosting a day called, “Unlocking the Genius”, designed to get students to think about their gifts, talents, and future career aspirations. This event will be an all-day experience with a special pep rally that showcases our clubs and groups on campus.  We want all students to not only be excellent students, but also connected to their school by participating in extra-curricular activities.  On the night of the 19th, UCHS’s Guidance Department will be hosting the parents of Standley parents to talk about course selection for next year. 


Also on the night of January 19th, the ArtsTECH Academy will be hosting a night for 9th grade parents letting them know about their program open to next year’s 10th grade students.  This meeting will be held in the Media Center from 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm. 


Is the drought over? Hope so, have a good evening,

Mr. O.