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School Uopdate (02-25-2019)



Get Involved and Stay Informed (02-19-2019)


Principal Olivero here.  I know, I called last night but we have a lot happening the next few weeks and I want to make sure everyone is in the know. 


Tomorrow night, February 26th, at 6:30 pm, will be the spring sports meeting with parents.   


This Thursday, February 28th, students in grades 9 and 10 will have an assembly in the gym called “What Goes Around”. This Kaiser Permanente  program deals with STD/HIV prevention. The program uses technology and references social media as a way of engaging students while providing health information about sexually transmitted diseases in a topical way.  If you do not wish for your 9th or 10th grader to participate in this program, please email VP Jo McGlin at jmcglin@sandi.net by Wednesday, February 27.  Please include your child’s name and grade level in the email.


This Thursday night, February 28th, at 6 pm, we will hold our mandated Community College Night meeting. All students and their parents planning to take a community college class next year need to attend this important meeting. We will go over how community college classes are different from our high school course offerings.  All students will need a CSID number (community college ID number) and must complete a “Yellow” community college course request sheet to be eligible for a college course. 


While many students have paid for their AP exams, the deadline for paying for an AP test is Friday, March 8th.  Students who qualify for Free and Reduced Lunch can stop by the finance window and receive their code that allows students to take the exam for a discounted rate. Please don’t wait... all students in AP classes should take their exams.     


I know some saw me this morning holding the red or green sign.  Again this is to represent whether your student arrived on time to school or not.  Green is on time and red is not.  No judgment is being made by me but I need to share the number of tardies, particularly first period, that has been happening. For the month of February, students have been tardy to class 2,301 times, 1,300 of these have been to period one. Back in September, students were tardy to class 1,200 times.  This means the number of tardies has almost doubled since the start of the school year.  Being to class on time matters and we appreciate the family adjustments to make sure students are not missing out.      



Have a great week!   Mr. O.