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School Opening Update #2 (06-23-2020)

School Opening Update #2 (06-23-2020)

Hello Centurions!  I wanted to give you a reminder and update regarding moving forward as we work our way towards a school opening on Monday, August 31, 2020. 

As sent out last week, the district is asking every parent/guardian answer the question as to what type of educational experience they want for their student in the fall.  The choices are: an in-person at school 5 days a week, at home learning through the online 2.0 process, or a hybrid model where students take some classes at school and some at home.  If you have not taken the survey,we need for you to do so.  Please know that a decision now, does not commit your student to a particular platform. The responses will, however, help us with some of our school planning.  At this point 27% of parents have responded and the deadline is June 25.

Learning Options Input Survey

Some have asked about what sports will look like for students next year.  I can share that much discussion has happened that involve public health experts.  We are scheduled to hear from CIF soon what the necessary health guidelines will be if fall sports are permitted to happen. Whether we are going to have fall sports has not yet been determined.  From the early report I saw, it looks like if we do have sports, there will be phased in approaches.  CIF will meet in mid-July to decide on fall sports, so stay tuned. 

I can share this week the district is holding over 15 different Think Tank sessions covering a host of big-ticket questions for implementing all three approaches to schooling for the fall.  These sessions include teachers, counselors, classified staff, and administrators.  A common thread for each group is to go over public health requirements, at least as we know them today, and begin brainstorming how to implement them given the normal functions of school.

As an example, just how will schools take the temperatures of all staff, students and school visitors on a daily basis? How will schools make sure there is proper social distancing for students in classes and on campus?  What will bus configurations be to provide transportation for students to school knowing social distancing guidelines?  Where do students go if they exhibit cold or sick symptoms during the school day as they wait to be picked up by their parent?  It is expected that students wash their hands each time they leave a classroom and enter a new one. How will this be accomplished with potentially 1600 students?   As you can tell, there are a lot of questions to answer in the coming days.   

I can share that while we are scheduled to return to school in August, it is very clear in-person schooling will look and feel very different.  While there will be changes and hurdles to overcome, the benefit for many is that students will still be able to be in class learning live from their teachers. 

Again, I will keep you updated as we move through the summer months.  Be safe, Mr. O.