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School Opening Update #1 (06-18-2020)

School Opening Update #1 (06-18-2020)

Dear Centurion Families, 


As you may have heard San Diego Unified School District has made a decision to reopen schools on August 31, 2020.  The options for families will be a full 5 days a week option for families comfortable having their student come to school each day or a second option of having their student stay at home and learn from an upgraded online 2.0 version.  We are just beginning to talk as school administrators as to what these two options look and feel like for our students and families.   


I am calling tonight as a heads up.... as the district will be sending out a survey to you all very soon.  The purpose of the survey is to gain input on your preference for your child.  I have not been given the survey to know what is on it yet, but it my understanding your response is not a commitment, but rather a data collection the district needs to begin our planning.  The survey will be sent to your email you have in the system for our parents. I do not have any more details regarding this survey and the timeline for when it needs to be done, but I will keep you updated as we move through the summer months.  I will let you know via school messenger, emails, and through means of the school website- under School News. The district is also revamping all school websites so we will do our best to have all information updated and posted as we learn this new website platform.  


Please again be on the lookout for the email from the district requesting feedback.  I believe there will be another process for parents to decide in July their eventual preference for schooling next year.  I will keep you updated as we move through the summer months as there will be a need to have ongoing conversations with students, staff, parents and stakeholder groups.  


Have a great weekend, Mr. O.