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School Letter to Parents (03-22-2017)


March 22, 2017




Dear UC High School Families:


We are very proud of the positive culture and community we have created at UC High School.  As always, we routinely provide school updates when we feel our stakeholders need to be informed.


We are aware that a serious incident was reported to have occurred off the main campus involving two UC High School students.  This incident is reported to have occurred on Monday, March 13, 2017.  All should know that we have been working with School Police and San Diego Police to investigate.  During this process, the school has actively met with all known witnesses and has responded according to state education code.  The case is a police matter and the investigation is ongoing.  As such, we are unable to share details at this time.


This incident is not related concerns raised by a student regarding the size of the gym, the number of exits in the gym, etc.  To be clear, this incident is a separate matter between two students.


Out of respect for the individuals involved, if students have any knowledge of the incident, we are asking them to refrain from talking about the incident or engaging in social media.  False and misleading information does not help the students involved. 


Please know student safety at UC High continues to be our highest priority.  We monitor the campus and have procedures in place to ensure a safe and secure learning environment.


If at any point I am able to communicate additional detail, I will do so.  In the meantime, if you have any concerns, please contact me directly.



In Partnership,



Principal J. Olivero