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School First Day Info. (08-26-2018)


UCHS School Update (08-26-2018)


Good evening Centurions! It starts tomorrow and we hope everyone will arrive early to pick up their schedules before school starts at 7:24 am.  I will talk more in a minute about out school start up tomorrow.


If first want to thank the 50 plus volunteers who came on Saturday to help clean up the school.  With the help of Grace City Church members, band members and their parents, JROTC cadets, and other students and parents, we were able to get a lot done in just under two hours.  I think when you drive up to school tomorrow, you will notice the effort made.


I also want to apologize for how long it took us this year to process everyone during the August registration days.  While some were able to get everything turned in and get done in about an hour, others had to wait much longer.  Please know that we will be changing our process next year by offering more registration days.  With our limited staff, we unfortunately just can’t process everyone at the same time.  We will have to spread it out more next year.  So again, we are sorry it took as long as it did. 


At this point, it looks like our enrollment is around 1866.  This is about 31 more students than we funded for to start the school year.  What does this mean?  It means classes are full. Most classes are sitting at the maximum of 36 students.  At this time we have not been able to communicate with about 13 of our families, so we are not sure if their students are coming or not, but we will seek to drop this students ASAP to make room for any adjustments we need to make with class changes. We are hoping all new students have already enrolled as any new student now enrolling will cause a major challenge to keep classes under the required 36 count.   


Please know that we will ONLY be making class changes if there is a mistake.  A mistake is when a student is enrolled in a class that they have already taken and have passed.  A mistake is when a senior needs to have a fine art credit to graduate in June and they are not scheduled into the class.  A mistake IS NOT, however, when a student wants to change teachers to be with their friends or wants a different elective. All students and parents should know that the counseling office will be closed this week. Students will be given a form to fill out stating if they believe they are in the wrong class, and parents can email a counselor, but know that a response to these requests will be looked at in order of priority. 


At lunch and after school the counselors will be in the quad to talk with students about any errors in the schedules.  All should know that it usually takes us about a week to clean up and finalize all schedule needs.         


I shared this last year and will share the same information over again as the number of support staff has not been restored from prior budget cuts.  As a result, we are a lot thinner in terms of office support for students, families and parents.  Not only have we had to reduce office staff, most all employees (except teachers) are required to take a number of furlough days (non-paid days) off from school.  How will this impact the school? It means on days when office staff will is off, we will have to juggle other office staff around to fill in the gaps. Please know that we deeply value the need to be responsive to our stakeholders. We just want to share up front that we will be working as fast as possible to attend to student and parent requests. 


I am very excited about the start of our school year.  I ask that as our new parents learn the traffic patterns into and out of school and ask that everyone slow down to make sure all of our Centurions are safe. 


Clap it up!!!  I see everyone tomorrow bright an early for our first day of the school year.  Mr. O.