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School Closure Update Information for Seniors #28 (05-29-2020)

School Closure Update/Senior Information #28 (Friday, May 29, 2020)


Hello Class of 2020, it was great seeing most of you yesterday.  How many did we see? We saw 352 seniors out of the 417.  If you are a senior and still need to get your cap and gown, please bring all books and items at 1:45 p.m. on Thursday, June 4th or Friday, June 5th next week. 

We discovered a problem that some of you have caught by now.  In the goodie bag we gave out to seniors yesterday, we also included the graduation program.  Inside the program is a category for Golden Merit. This is a distinction for students who earn a 3.3 GPA and scored within a certain range on state recorded common core tests.  What we listed in our program this year is last year’s recipients. When researching why this occurred this morning, I discovered a few lists were sent back and forth between the district offices and our school. The district sent the first list in PDF format and it was correct. We then asked that it be sent back to us in an Excel format for printing purposes. One office had to send it to IT for this to be done and when the new list in Excel was sent to us, we forwarded this list to the printer.  The problem we now know is that the second list was last year’s students and their names were the ones we printed.  The cost for producing the programs is over $2,000, so we will not be redoing the programs. We do plan to post this year’s names on the website as long as parents indicated via PowerSchool, that they approve of the school using their student’s name on the website.  We are sorry about this error and we look forward to honoring this year’s 250 recipients on our website.

I usually share this information with seniors in person, but now that most have their cap and gown, students should take out their gowns and get the wrinkles out.  I know many may already know this, but I wanted to let them know.  A good way to get the wrinkles out is to take a damp towel and put it in the dryer with the cap and gown on low heat for a few minutes and then hang it up immediately afterward.  This process will help take most of the wrinkles out.

Finally, we are giving seniors a last call for their Senior Shout Out message.  Many have sent in their image and statements, but it would be nice to get a comment and picture for every senior.  Please go to the link below to submit your senior shout out no later than today, May 29 at 3 p.m.

Senior Shout Out

Have a great Friday and weekend!   Mr. O.