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School Closure Update #9 (04-09-2020)

School Closure Update #10 (Thursday, April 9, 2020)

Good morning Centurions, Mr. Olivero here reminding our students that we start our class schedule Friday with periods 5 and 6 meeting.  Please reference the school website for the school distance learning schedule for UCHS. Again, while not all classes will meet live, all classes will soon be providing assignments for learning. I know our teachers are working hard to figure out how to meet the needs of our students. 

A couple of Clap it Ups to acknowledge.  First, to our students and parents.  Out of our 1756 students, we have heard back from 1706.  That is about 97% response back to the school.  This is an extremely high rate and makes me know our school community cares about learning.  Also congratulations are in order to our front office staff and counselors. They made many phone calls in seeking to find our missing students.  Additionally, while I asked they pull together a process to virtually enroll next year’s Choice and VEEP students, I thought they had put this need on the backburner focusing instead on finding our missing students now. To my surprise and delight, they did both. We will soon be virtually enrolling our new students for next year where each student and parent will be holding a Zoom meeting to meet with our counselors to determine their course requests for next year.

Thinking about our seniors, I will share more information later as to what we know about the Class of 2020 and where we go from here.   

The remaining part of this message is for students/parents who need to pick up a computer and gain internet connectivity.   

Of the 1706 responses, 356 still need a computer and 149 need connectivity.  As a reminder, for those needing a computer, our day is Wednesday, April 15th.  Items may be picked up at one of seven high schools in the district.  Go to the one closet to your residence that is giving out computers.  Again, not all are so please reference the school website for which one’s are open.

Here’s what new… when going to pick up a computer, they are serving folks by their last names.  So last name’s A-K go to these schools from 9:00 AM to 12:30 PM, and last name’s L-Z go from 12:30 PM to 4:00 PM.  When going, families need to bring a photo ID and proof of student ID number.  In other words, know it and hopefully be able to show it.  Also on a piece of paper, in large print, write the name of the student, their ID, their birthdate, and student’s address. Just to know, high schoolers can pick up their own if their parent can’t be there.  This writing needs to be large as you will be handing in the paper through your vehicle while keeping proper social distancing.  All computers have been sanitized. 

If your student needs connectivity, we have posted many options for achieving this outcome on our website.  Please know these options are free!  No one should be paying unless the family does this for their own purpose.

That’s it for now.  Hang tough Centurions.  We miss you greatly.  UC U-Know!