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School Closure Update #8 (04-05-2020)


School Closure Update #8 (Sunday, April 5, 2020)


Good afternoon, Mr. Olivero here with some school updates with regards to the start of distance learning and where and when to pick up computers for students. This is a lot of information and will be posted on our school website under School News.   

To start, tomorrow, Monday, April 6, we will start our “soft” start to distance learning.  What this means is that some teachers will be providing assignments related to their course and some will not.  We know some teachers are figuring out how to use the online platforms and how to integrate instruction tied to distance learning. It’s a shift for many but all are working hard to figure it out.  We also have about 1/3 of our students who do not have a computer or internet connectivity. I will talk about a plan for this in a minute. 

As you may have heard, we will officially restart school on Monday, April 27th.  This means teachers will be providing assignments that will be graded. We know we have lost time with our students and we will do our very best to move forward with structured learning. There is a lot to this as there are rules in place in terms of whether a student’s grade can be impacted based on the distance learning approach. The rule is that a student’s grade cannot be lowered, but it can be raised. In other words, work done can help but not hurt.  Whatever grade a student had as of Friday, March 13th, will be their grade earned for their coursers.  A student can improve upon their grade in a course, from the March 13th grade, but their grade cannot drop.  If a teacher allows, a student can go back and make-up missed work/assignments to improve their March 13th grade. If a student was failing a course on March 13th, a student can improve their grade.  If a failing grade is not improved by the end of the semester, a student will receive a No Grade (NG) for a course. A No Grade means a student needs to make up the credit, but the failing grade is not reported on their transcript. 

Over 1700 students have completed the student survey requested.  This is an awesome job by our Centurions. We will be making calls this week to those we have not heard from. If your student answered they need a computer, they are to go to the school closest to where they are located. The day to pick up a computer is Wednesday, April 15th.  If a UCHS student has a sibling who attends a different district school, and their designated day is earlier than the 15th, the family can go to their sibling’s closest school and get the computers needed for all students in the family.  The school options to pick up a computer from are:  1.) Clairemont High School, 4150 Ute Dr., San Diego, CA 92117 2). Morse High School, 6905 Skyline Dr., San Diego, CA 92114 3.)Crawford High School, 4191 Colts Way, San Diego, CA 92115 4.)San Diego High School, 1405 Park Blvd., San Diego, CA 92101 5.)Hoover High School, 4474 El Cajon Blvd., San Diego, CA 92115 6.)Scripps Ranch High, 10410 Falcon Way, San Diego, CA 92131 7.)Lincoln High School, 4777 Imperial Ave., San Diego, CA 92113 Again, the pickup day is April 15th.  A list of schools can be found on our school website.   

If student only needs internet connectivity, they are to contact Cox cable about adding them as a free 60-day user. If a student lives in an area that Cox Cable does not serve, students are to use “hotspots” to gain computer access to the internet. I will find out more about this need as we learn who is impacted by not having Cox Cable or a hotspot access.   

Please stay safe and continue to listen for school updates.  Regards, Mr. O.