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School Closure Update #7 (04-01-2020)


School Closure Update #7 (Wednesday, April 1, 2020)

Good morning Centurions, as I shared the other day, we are gearing up for distance learning. It is schedule to start this next week as a soft start and a definitive start on Monday, April 27th.  Next week I will be working with teachers leaders to discuss what format schedule we will be using to deliver instruction to students. What needs to be determined is what will work best for students and teachers and families.  Some suggest we should keep a schedule as we do during a normal school day.  In other words, period 1 at certain time, period 2 at a certain time, etc.  While this approach would normally make sense, it also has challenges for students and teachers.  A student or teacher given their circumstance may not be able to be present and online at that designated time.  In the end, we will likely come up with some type of blended model with office hours for students to meet in groups or one-on-one with teachers. One of the positives about distance learning, depending on how it is set up, is that it can be accessed in most cases 24 hours a day.  To summarize, I will be holding a zoom meeting with teacher leaders on Monday, April 6th, to discuss the best method to use for UCHS. 

I once again share the need to have ALL students complete the student survey located on the school website or the one attached to this email.  We’ve had 1100 of our students respond, but we have 700 more to go.  It’s imperative we have this information ASAP. We do not want out students falling behind and possibly failing by not having a computer or connectivity. In addition to our call outs and social media postings, we are depending on students using their own social media platforms to let their fellow Centurions know about this urgent need. Teachers are working hard to be ready for distance learning.  We also need our students and parents doing their part by getting the information to the school. Please complete the Student Survey, ASAP. 

 Student Survey

El Aprendizaje a Distancia se define como el aprendizaje donde el maestro y el alumno se encuentran en diferentes lugares.  El propósito de esta encuesta es para determinar las necesidades tecnológicas de CADA estudiante en su familia para que puedan prepararse para el aprendizaje a distancia.