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School Closure Update #23 as of 5/20/2020

School Closure Update/Senior Information #23 (Wednesday, May 20, 2020)


Hello Centurions, I can share some updates and some postponements announcements.

We had originally scheduled a uniform return day for tomorrow, May 21st, but this event is postponed.  Again, no uniform returns for Thursday, May 21st. 

I am sure you are asking, hey what happened?  We were originally given guidance to set up a uniform return date. We are now learning new information is to come out about additional possible return dates for textbooks and school supplies.  In an effort not to make our families have to drive up to school on more occasions than necessary, we are postponing tomorrow’s drop off to see if we can’t incorporate a return date in time that allows families less to and from to the school. We are also seeing if we can have the yearbooks in and ready for distribution. They may or may not get here in time before the end of school.  I will share the overall plans for our returns when we have what we need to make decisions.  

We have a rough draft plan for creating an end of year celebration for our seniors.  We do not know the dates and times yet.  First, we plan to hold a summer graduation for our seniors.  It will be in late July, and we hope public health guidelines allow us to have this in our stadium at this time.  We also will be collecting uniforms and textbooks from our seniors.  Part of this will be to also give our seniors their cap and gowns, diploma covers, and diplomas, along with their yearbook.  At some point during the collection and pass-out stage, we will have a drive through celebration. We do not have the dates and time, but we are working on it.  Last, on June 9th, we will be posting an online senior celebration link that will include senior commentary from staff, ASB end-of-year video, and individual senior shout-outs.  We are nailing down the times for these, but again we are trying to minimize the number of trips our families have to make up to the school. 

So more to come, but NO UNIFORM RETURNS tomorrow, May 21st.  

Thanks, Mr. O.