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School Closure Update #19 as of 5/05/2020

School Closure Update #19 (Tuesday, May 5, 2020)


Good morning Centurions, we hope you are well.

First, I need to apologize for suggesting AP tests start April 11th.  There was a time where one day felt like the next, and now one month feels like the next. In all seriousness, AP testing will start Monday, May 11th. 

Over the weekend we carefully went through our student engagement list, student by student, to determine what classes students are participating in and which ones they are not. We are now in the process of matching up this list up with the names of students who earned a D or F in their classes for the P4 grading period. With this method, counselors will be contacting some students to figure out why they are not participating in Distance Learning classes they are failing.

As a recap for the first week of Distance Learning, 94% of all students are participating in one of more classes. This is an amazing number of students being engaged in some form or fashion. 67% of our students are participating in all six of their classes. 

You may not be aware, but this week is Teacher Appreciation Week.  Each year the PTSA and EdUCate! seek ways to celebrate our hard-working teachers.  This year EdUCate! is asking parents consider their Honor a Teacher program via their online system.  It’s a two part process. One part is to make a donation on behalf of an outstanding teacher. These funds go to EdUCate! to use to support all five UC schools. The second part is that your donation includes a public acknowledgment to the educator for doing a great job!  Visit our school website to learn more about how to honor a teacher via EdUCate!’s Honor a Teacher Program. 

Have a great day Cents, Mr. O