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School Closure Update #18 as of 5/01/2020

School Closure Update #18 (Friday, May 1, 2020)


Good afternoon Centurions, this your end of week school closure update.

First, a reminder for our AP students.  Those taking the first round of AP tests will start on Monday, April 11th.  Each day after the 11th there will be daily AP test offerings.

On Tuesday, May 5th, we will hold a virtual School Site Council meeting. It will be at 3pm.  The agenda for this meeting is posted on the school website.  The SSC members will be going through a required training for all SSC members. If students or parents want to listen and provide public comment to this meeting, please email me at jolivero@sandi.net so I can send you the Zoom meeting invite. 

As you know we started school back on Monday.  Classes and assignments for grades started this week.  In looking at our teacher reports for student engagement, it looks like on average about 50% of our students are online working with their teachers.  What does this say about the 50% who aren’t?  It means many are satisfied with the grades they have for their courses or at least in some of their courses. Some of our students have home challenges that do not allow them to engage in distance learning at this time. And for a few, we are still trying to reach them. 

In talking to our teachers, counselors, and office staff, I cannot express how much we are missing seeing our kids. There are over 100 UC employees that serve our 1800 students, including our food service staff, campus supervision staff, para educators, library tech, nurse, teachers, counselors, and school psychologists. All have expressed how there is a void in their lives right now.  The beauty of working at a high school is working with the positive energy we get from our kids.  Their enthusiasm is contagious and infectious, and while we are still working via distance learning and at local food distribution centers, it’s not the same. We miss our kids!   

Last, to our seniors. This is a time we should be preparing for senior activities. I’m not just talking about powder puff, prom, movie night, senior dinner, etc. I am also talking about the annual opportunity seniors get to take on their teachers in basketball, softball and battle of the brains.  Please know our hearts ache for what has changed and what you have missed out on. I shared you were my best class when we spoke last in January for the Senior Mob shot. This has not changed! You make us so proud! Many of you have AP tests coming up so it’s time to represent.  UC U-know! 

Have a great weekend and stay safe! 

Mr. O.