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School Closure Update #17 (4/29/20)

School Closure Update #17 (Wednesday, April 29, 2020)


Good afternoon Centurions, as shared, we have officially started Distance Learning for SDUSD.  I want to take moment to explain how grading will work.  I know I risk confusing folks, but I will do my best to explain how it works for this semester of learning and grading.  You may need to read this over again a few times. Please reach out to your student’s counselor if you need more clarity. 

We started the new semester in January. The end of the semester is June 10, 2020.  On March 6, 2020, students ended the first part of the semester and it is considered the 3rd progress report period. On Friday, March 13th, students took home their first progress report for the new semester. While progress reports were sent home with students on the 13th of March, the actually tallying for grades and for completed school work for P3 was for the March 6th.  Everyone with me so far…these dates matter.  P3 grades are for work up to March 6th. 

We then had one more week of school prior to the shutdown of school March 13th.  This means we had school from March 9 through March 13.  In some cases during this week of school, teachers had assignments and tests that students took as part of their next grading period. This would be for Progress Reporting Period 4. As a result, these assignments and grades will be counted on the upcoming P4 grades.  Teachers are to report P4 grades by May 4th, which means that students and parents will know then what grade a student earned as of March 13th.  This grade will be the official grade for the course and put on the student’s transcript in June.

So again, the final grade for a student is not their P3 grade, but instead their P4 grade.  In most cases it will be the same grade as what a student had for P3, but again, some teachers gave out work for grades during the week of March 9 – 13th. This week of work could have made a student’s grade go up, go down, or stay the same.

Ok folks, we are half way done…hang in there.  With Distance Learning now in place a student can use this opportunity to raise their P4 semester grade. The work done now cannot harm a student’s grade, it can only help them. In June, for the final semester grades, teachers will post which ever grade is highest for a student- either their P4 grade or their Distance Learning grade.

Here is what may confuse some students and parents.  Students who are not participating or doing well in Distance Learning will see in PowerSchool their grade dropping. Their grade will drop because Distance Learning is a continuation of school and the semester for learning.  In other words, a student had a B as of P4, and now they are not doing any distance learning school work and their B grade now begins to drop. They very well could end up with a temporary F grade though this process because they did not do any distance learning.  However, in the end, the FINAL SEMESTER GRADE for this student will still be a B because this is what they had at the P4 grading period. Again, distance learning can only help, not hurt. The same B grade could end up being an A through Distance Learning. This student would earn an A for the SEMESTER GRADE.  

Last, teachers are requested to take student attendance each Friday for their engagement with students for the week.  The school and teachers are not holding students accountable for attendance.  Students may or may not be able to participate in Distance Learning. The school uses the information as a means to track down students to make sure they do have a computer and internet access.  If a student has not been participating, we could be calling home to make sure they have what they need for school and Distance Learning. 

Sorry for the long message folks, I just needed to make sure all were on the same page for how grading will work. 

Stay strong Cents, Mr. O.