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School Closure Update #16 (04-24-2020)

School Closure Update #16 (Friday, April 24, 2020)


Good afternoon Centurions, this is your end of the week update.  

In reviewing participation data over the three week soft launch period, our numbers continued to climb as we have been working to get everyone what they need.  The data indicates 90% of all students have been in contact with their teachers in some form or fashion.  We are working to track down the other 10%.  It’s been a challenge because if folks don’t recognize our cell phone number calling them, they do not pick up.  We have, however, found some success by texting our missing families. Students could notice whether they are marked absent in PowerSchool today.  Not to worry, this is how we are tracking who has been in contact with their teachers and distance learning for the week.    

Monday, April 27, we will officially start school back up.  It will look and feel a bit different given the distance learning approach.  As a reminder to all, the teaching and learning experience might be different from one student to the next, and from one teacher to the next.  All are dealing with their own home challenges.  We need to honor these differences. 

Next week I will share more information as to how teachers will be grading students during the distance learning phase from April 27th to June, but I will wait on sharing this in detail as the district is supposed to send me updated information today. The bottom line is that a final semester grade can’t go down lower than the grade a student had on March 13th.  Again, the final semester grade can’t go down, but it could go up!

So more next week on grading in PowerSchool during the Distance Learning Phase (April 27 – June 9) 

That’s it for now.  Have a great weekend and we hope to see all of our Centurions working hard next week on their distance learning.  

Be safe, Mr. O.