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School Closure Update #12 (04-14-2020)

School Closure Update #12 (Tuesday, April 14, 2020)


Good afternoon Centurions, we hope you all are doing well.  This call out is a reminder that our day for computer pick up is tomorrow, April 15th. I will also share information about picking us medications, musical instruments, and special educations materials.   

Computers may be picked up at one of seven high schools in the district. Go to the one closet to your residence that is giving out computers. Again, not all high schools are giving them out, so please reference the school website for which one’s are available to you.  When going to pick up a computer, they are giving out the needed computers by the last name of students. So last name’s A-K go to these schools from 9:00 AM to 12:30 PM, and last name’s L-Z go from 12:30 PM to 4:00 PM.

When going, families need to bring a photo ID and proof of student ID number. In other words, know it and hopefully be able to show it. Also on a piece of paper, in large print, write the name of the student, their ID, their birthdate, and student’s address. Just to know, high schoolers can pick up their own if their parent can’t be there. This writing needs to be large as you will be handing in the paper through your vehicle while keeping proper social distancing. All computers have been sanitized.

On Tuesday, April 21st, we are inviting ten parents, am told this is how many need them, to come pick up their student’s musical instrument.  The time for this pick is from 11:10 AM to 1:15 PM.  We are also allowing parents to come by and pick up medications stored in the nurse’s office.  The time to pick up the medications is from 9:55 AM to 12:10 PM. Last, a few will be by to pick up special education materials for their student and this time for pick up will be from 11:10 AM to 1:15 PM.  All parents coming by for instruments, medications and special education materials will drive up the bus lane and use the bus drop off lanes to pick up items.  Please DO NOT get out of your vehicles if you can prevent it.  Instead, open the trunk hatch and someone will place your item in the back of your vehicle. 

April 21st will be a busy day as teachers will be on campus for a bit and we need to make sure all are safe and we are required to keep to the social distancing requirements. 

We miss you all greatly.  Hang tough Centurions.  Mr. O.