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School Closure Update (07-08-2020)

Summer Update (07-08-2020)

Hello Centurions,

First, I am reaching out to seniors and to students who know they are moving schools over the summer. This Friday, July 10, 2020, I will be at school from 9-11am to collect textbooks that need to be returned and caps & gowns for seniors who will not be participatingin a summer graduation. Seniors may also pick up their graduation diplomas and yearbooks if they missed the Senior Celebration and pay for any lost or missing school items. I will be outside the counseling center near the flagpole from 9 am to 11 am. This again is only for seniors and for students who are moving out of the area. 

Please know that I will be working alone because office staff and volunteers are not allowed on campus at this time. I apologize in advance for any lines that may occur while I work with each family needing to do school business. For those coming during this timeframe, all must have a mask and maintain 6 feet social distance.

Just to keep our Class of 2020 informed, I have not heard of any updates with regards to having a summer graduation. We are still on a hold at this time. Please know as a backup plan, when seniors were on campus in June returning textbooks, we coordinated with our two valedictorians and one salutatorian to film their speeches, so we are fairly well set to post an online graduation if needed. 

On July 20th, we will hear from CIF what sports, if any, will be allowed. Each school district’s Board of Education (BOE) will then decide how and when they will allow student athletes to proceed.

As of now, the first day of school is scheduled for Monday, August 31, 2020. The BOE gathered input from families about whether they want in-person school or online learning. Later this summer, families will asked to complete an official survey to determine which schooling preference they want for their student. At this time the district is meeting with all labor groups deciding work expectations for the coming school year.  When this is decided, we will officially begin to create an in-school schedule and an online schedule for students. All should know that the in-school schedule will likely be very different from what we have had in the past. In addition to wearing masks, keeping proper social distance, and sanitizing the school environment, a major aspect to our schedule will be to reduce student proximity to one another. This could mean multiple school lunches, block scheduling, and staggered school start times for students. It could potentially result in some changes to student course requests in order to match the schedule created. As an example, if we were to create staggered schedules, students would be placed in different groups (Schedule A or Schedule B). Schedules A and B could have different offerings within them. If there is only one section (class) of a course offering, students would need to decide which schedule they want. All should know that creating a schedule A and B is preliminary idea and not a final decision, but I wanted to share some insight on how an in-person schooling experience at UCHS might change, given the expected health guidelines for schools. 

Once we begin the process of creating a school schedule, I will meet with our teachers and School Site Governance Team members to develop the schedule so we start building a master schedule. It typically requires about 6 months to develop a master schedule for a school of our size. However, in this case we will need to accomplish this in a 6-week period. It will be a giant undertaking but we will do our very best to meet the needs of our families. Again, once an agreement has been reached with our labor groups for work expectations, we will begin the process for developing a schedule for the next school year. 

Have a great week, Mr. O.