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Note to Students Regarding School Threat

December 19, 2019

Dear Centurions,

We know some students are still anxious about the events from last week.  This has to do with the comments and social media posts about someone bringing a gun to school. There were two related incidents from Thursday and Friday which were fully investigated by school officials, school police, and SDPD. 

Please know that making a statement about bringing a gun to school is a criminal act and subject to possible suspension and/or expulsion.  Both incidents have been dealt with in terms of criminal laws and state education codes.  

School officials and local police agencies take all known or rumored threats extremely seriously. Given the climate we now live in, where gun violence occurs in shopping malls, movie theaters, community fairs, schools, etc., everyone is concerned about safety.  We depend on our students, parents, and community members to keep us informed and are thankful to those who did come forward with information.

San Diego Unified School District has set up a student hotline number called “Students Speaking Out”.  The number is 888-580-8477 (Crime Stoppers).  This allows students to anonymously provide information to help school officials and police look into situations that appear unsafe.

If you see something, say something.  If students are being bullied, harassed, or threatened, we take these matters seriously and will investigate.  Again, the hotline number is 888-580-8477.

We want to partner with the adults in your life to make sure we’re helping our students and their families, so if you ever feel unsafe or hear rumors, please also go to your parents or a trusted adult.

Our counselors will be available today and tomorrow if a student needs to talk or just be with someone to process the information. Please email your counselor or stop by their office during a passing period, before school, or during lunch.

Happy Holiday Cents!  Have a great break and enjoy Friday’s cultural fair.   Mr. O.