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Letter to Incoming BioMed Students/Parents (05-12-2017)


May 12, 2017

Dear Incoming 9th grade Student/Parent,

We are extremely grateful for the outpouring of incoming freshman applications we received for the BioMed Program at University City High School.  We have never received so many applications and have never been placed in a position where we had to limit the number by such a large margin.  We received over 110 well deserved applications and unfortunately we have had to limit the incoming 9th grade program to 2 sections, which means 72 students.  How this translates is that we, in prior years, accepted more into the program but are now finding it too difficult to find the number of needed internships experiences for in local hospitals when students become seniors.  


To make sure we continue to provide a top notch experience for our students once they get to their senior year, we are having to scale back the number of first time students in the program to 72 students.  


In the selection process for the 72 students chosen, we used a holistic approach by reviewing each application.  This process involved comparing academic and citizenship grades, as well weighing the meaningful and thoughtful expression of the five essay questions.  While one student could have had a higher GPA in one area, another student could have shared a more compelling rationale for their selection into the program.  We can share that this was by far the most talented group of students we have ever reviewed.  


If your student was not selected, please know our intent was to never shut out a student from pursuing a career in a biomedical field.  The fact is though, we can only accommodate so many students in our program.  If your student was not selected, you can reach out to a UCHS counselor by email to review what their second choice would be for another career pathway at UCHS.  As an option, while we would hate to lose a student to another school, there are a few new BioMed Programs at other district schools.  If interested, we would ask parents call the other schools schools to determine whether there is space in their programs.    


Please know that we have established a waiting list in case a student moves or decides to not participate in the program.  Please email Leslie Chadwick at lchadwick@sandi.net if you want your student placed on this list.   


Regards, Ellie Vandiver, BSN

Leslie Chadwick, PBS/HBS