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Letter Home to Parents/Students (05-16-2017)


May 16, 2017


Dear Parent/Guardian:


This year the school had an incident between two students that has indicated a need for us to have a conversation with our students about the topic of sex in relation to having consent from the other party.  At the suggestion of the Title IX department, a conversation and short film are planned for all students.  A copy of the planned schedule and agenda topics is shown on the back side of this letter.  The short film (Tea and Consent) can be reviewed in advance by visiting the following web address: https://vimeo.com/128105683 


Having or giving consent is a topic we hope all parents have with their children.  We would rather our children hear from their parents or us versus relying on their friends for advice for figuring out what is and is not acceptable.  While the school does not condone any type of sexual relationship between two students, we also know as our students get older, there will be times in their lives where understanding boundaries and having consent is necessary.  Some students do not realize that touching others is not permissible without consent. 


Having a discussion regarding this topic can be concerning to some students.  Please know that students can opt themselves out of this conversation and that our counselors are always available should there be a need to discuss a particular situation that a student has witnessed or experienced.     


For parents, please know that statelawallowsyoutoexcuseyourchildfromcomprehensivesex education by providingawrittenrequest to Ms. McGlin or email to her at, jmcglin@sandi.net. 





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Jeff Olivero

Principal, UCHS