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Last Senior School Update (06-11-2018)


Seniors Last Update (06-11-2018)

Good evening, this is Principal Olivero calling with your last bit of information before Wednesday’s graduation at 2 PM in the stadium.


Tomorrow, at rehearsal, at 12:45 pm, graduating seniors will receive 8 guest tickets for their family and friends for graduation. Those with children under the age of ten do not need a ticket.   


Attached on the school website is a Senior Graduation Map that outlines the two entrance gates that will be open.  There is a top gate to access the home stands. There is lower gate that will be by the visitor stands.  The map shows where handicap parking will be available for those who reserved needed parking. For those who bid on VIP parking through the Centurion Foundation and Band Boosters, this area is also highlighted. VIP seating is also shown on the map. It will be in the home stands.    


Please know that each senior will receive one parking pass for their guests. I suggest that family members try to fit in as many as possible to maximize transportation to and from school. Please know that we have created a drop off flow for UBER drivers that will allow access using the front bus lane to the school. Last, we are utilizing our back upper field grass area to house cars for the event. When the front lot runs out of spaces, please utilize this overflow area. If you are planning to sit in the home stands, I would try to use this parking area first. Under no circumstance should a senior parent or guest try use the astroturf playing area to park. It’s going to be a very tight squeeze to get 400 plus cars on campus.  We ask that all use patience and caution navigating where best to park.


The parking lot will be open at 12:30 pm.  The stadium gates will open at 12:45 pm.  It’s going to be hot in the stadium.  Please bring sun block, hats, and other sun protection. If you bring an umbrella, please sit at the very top as to not obstruct the view of others. Many of our student clubs will be selling water at the event. 


Please do not bring balloons or objects that will prevent those in attendance from seeing the field.  If guests do bring them, please have them sit at the top or to the side so that balloons are not blowing around as a distraction to others.  In addition, please do not use any horn blowing devices as they again prevent names from being heard as they are called. 


As a last reminder, seniors going to college need to have their final transcript sent and this request needs to be in to the registrar ASAP. 


We will see you all Wednesday for the big day.


Clap it up!!  Mr. O