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Last School Update for Seniors


Seniors Last Update (06-10-2019)

Good evening, this is Principal Olivero calling with your last bit of information before tomorrow’s graduation at 2 PM in the stadium.


The gates will open up for guest parking at 12:30 pm.  The gates for stadium entrance will begin at 1 pm, not sooner. Once the lower level parking spots fill up around campus, the remaining vehicles with a parking permit need to sue the back alley road to the upper softball and baseball fields for parking.  We have set aside the large grass field behind the baseball field for parking. 


There are two entrance points to get into the stadium tomorrow. One will be up at the top of the home stands, by the new upper field bathrooms. The second will be the lower level gate on the visitor side of the stadium.  We have rented two multi-person golf charts to shuttle people to and from their cars that need assistance.  We will be moving folks as efficiently as we can.     


It’s going to be hot in the stadium.  Please bring sun block, hats, and other sun protection. If you bring an umbrella, please sit at the very top as to not obstruct the view of others. Many of our student clubs will be selling water at the event. 


Please do not bring balloons or objects that will prevent those in attendance from seeing the field.  If guests do bring them, please have them sit at the top or to the side so that balloons are not blowing around as a distraction to others.  In addition, please do not use any horn blowing devices as they prevent names from being heard as they are called. 


That’s it.  Have a great day celebrating our 2019 grads!  Clap it up!!!