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Health Update (09-07-2017)


Stay Informed (09-07-2017)


Good evening! This is UCHS Nurse Tiffany Jarrell with some important information regarding a case of Pertussis- whopping cough- that has been identified at our school. 


Pertussis is spread in the air through coughing and sneezing.  Symptoms include runny nose, slight fever and cough which becomes worse.  Coughing spasms may follow with a whooping sound, gagging, vomiting, choking or turning blue. Infants and older adults are at highest risk for complications.


The disease is treated with antibiotics.  Call your doctor if your child has symptoms or is not fully immunized.  Your doctor may want to test for Pertussis, even if your child has a new symptom of runny nose, without a cough.  To be fully immunized, all children over age 10 and adults (including those over age 64 years) must receive a booster shot at least once.  Younger children must have 5 shots by school entry.  The new California Immunization law requires a Tdap booster for school attendance for grades 7-12.

For more information on Pertussis or county immunization clinics, call the County Health Department at 1-866-358-2966.  Or you can contact me if you have any additional questions or concerns.

Thank you and good evening!