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Hall of Fame Overview



 Our mission is to honor University City High School graduates who through their deeds and accomplishments have impacted the nation and/or the world.

  We will fulfill our mission by…….

  • Creating and maintaining a permanent Hall of Fame display on the campus of University City High School
  • Establishing and maintaining a Hall of Fame website
  • Creating and displaying in the University City community a portable Hall of Fame display
  • Actively sharing the University City High School Hall of Fame information in the media, with displays and presentations


 In the spring of 2011 a group of Centurion faithful met to discuss the creation of a University City High School Hall of Fame. 

The initial task was simply to explore ways to identify and honor UCHS graduates

who have excelled in one of a variety of disciplines on a national or international level.

That committee charged themselves to establish ways to...


Honor Centurions who through deeds or accomplishments

have impacted the nation or the world


Highlight and preserve the UC High School

Legacy of Excellence


Inspire current and future Centurions

 2016 Hall of Fame Committee

Rashmi Bhargava
Anne T. Bolton
Susan Bristol
Cheryl Creagh
Ivonne Dyson
Jane Hargrove
Michael Jason
Mary Kay Hewitt
Ernest Smith - Chair
Norma Smith
Ed Yandall 


A Hall of Fame candidate must have;

1.     Attended University City High School
2.    Graduated from University City High School
3.    Performed a deed or achieved an accomplishment deemed to have a national or international impact
4.    Graduated from UCHS a minimum of ten years prior to nomination


Mailing address:                          University City High School

                                                            c/o Hall of Fame

                                                            6949 Genesee Avenue

                                                            San Diego, CA   92122

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