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 Fundraising for Teams

 All fundraising activities are supposed to be approved ahead of time by the administration at UC High. There are two fundraising routes described below:

1. The Centurion Foundation (CF) process is: The coach or team representative completes the fundraising request form, which is available on the CF website under the forms and docs tab. They submit it to  ClubLiaison@uc-centurionfoundation.com. The request is then forwarded to the UC Club Liaison who records the request on a shared document that is shared with UC admin on google sheets. Then the request is routed through an approval process through the UC Principal. Once he has approved it  - it goes back to the Club Liaison who enters on the shared google document the date the approval was granted and any needed comments and she sends it back to the Centurion Foundation. The UC Foundation notifies the group that the fundraiser has been approved and provides them with their approved form. Up to the point of this post,there have been no issues with multiple groups doing the same fundraiser where there might need to be a discussion with the groups that there may be a possible conflict. However, should that occur then we would hold that discussion. It is recommended that coaches/team representatives start this process with at least three (3) weeks lead time.
The CF Procedure Handbook states that the coach/team representative must retain their copy of the approved fundraising form during their event. Any activity that brings in or makes money needs fundraising form. These include: promotional activities; Events; Selling items; Soliciting for donations (there is a model letter that is also on the CF website that teams can use in order to insure the proper language is presented to parents and others who may donate to a group) or money made in excess of costs (e.g. charging parents more than the actual cost of the items in the spirit pack or banquet meal (Note: students may not be charged to attend their awards banquet).

If a CF fundraising event is taking place on campus (charging tickets for a game, snack bar etc.) then a Blue Facilities Use form (found in UC's front office) is also needed so that the school is aware of this need and can supply the appropriate resources (someone to open the snack bar/gym/room etc.)

2. The ASB Fundraising Process: In order to fund raise through an ASB club account, a person has to complete the hot pink fundraising request form, they must have minutes from their group indicating that they are planning a fundraiser and if it is on campus, they need the Blue Facilities Use form. As an advisor for the group, the coach must sign on the front and back of the hot pink fundraising request form as well as initial at the bottom that they approve of the fundraiser. Then that packet gets routed to ASB (in which the ASB group who approves fundraisers signs off on it and Mrs. Fallon initials at the bottom). That packet continues in the approval process by going to the Admin. Assistant (Ms. Venus Matos). She holds the blue Facilities Use form if there is one attached and organizes what needs to happen to meet that part of the request, she forwards or brings the remainder of the packet to the weekly admin meeting for the administration to approve. Then she notifies the Advisor/Coach that the fundraiser was either approved or not approved (not all requests are approved) and she routes the approved fundraising request packets to the Finance Clerk (Lucy Alonzo). It is recommended that advisors/coaches start this process with at least three (3) weeks lead time.

Once a fundraiser has been held, then the money can be deposited at the UC Finance Office into the correct account with a deposit slip and an accounting for how the money was obtained. For example, if it is a snack bar stand, then the group has to indicate how much of each item was sold or if it involved ticket sales to an event, then there would need to be an accounting of the number of tickets sold and the price each ticket was sold for and the money of course would need to match. Or if they sold a particular item then they need to have an accounting for that. (Funds are supposed to be deposited right away according to the club handbook. If people donate to the program, there needs to be a donation letter attached to each check that the school receives. Therefore, there is an accounting trail for every single dollar that is deposited into a school account. If a group purchased supplies such as food items for the snack bar. That receipt needs to be submitted to the Finance Clerk and a request for reimbursement form needs to be submitted with it along with MINUTES from the club members authorizing the reimbursement (make sure the student sign that they were in attendance at the meeting). It doesn't work to take the money out of the sales and call it all good because then all of your accounting doesn't match up.

Needless to say. The process is normally MUCH easier if you go through Centurion Foundation for your fundraising. However, the CF is also subject to audits so it's important to have all of the right documents in place. We need some way to account for funds entering the Team Accounts. The fundraising form is the document that needs to be in place to explain how the group obtained money. It is important for some representative of the team to keep track of donation amounts as donations of $250 or more receive a tax statement from the CF treasurer in January that can be used for tax write offs (individuals can use their cancelled check as proof for lesser amounts). Someone from the team needs to let the treasurer know who needs that letter.

Donations to the school ASB accounts may also be tax deductible. Please see the Finance Clerk to discuss this in more detail.