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First Day of School (08-29-2016)

Principal Olivero here reminding all that Monday, August 29, 2016, is the first day of school.  A couple of things to know about the first day,  Please plan to arrive extra early.  While school starts at 7:24 am, we expect all students to arrive by 7 am, as they will need to pick up their class schedule and figure out the location of their first class.  When arriving on campus tomorrow, and please use the new student walkway by the flag pole, all 9th graders should go to the gym to pick up their schedule.  All students in grades 10-12 need to go to the quad by the front office to pick up schedules.  


As a first in a few years, I'm excited to announce that we have teachers for every class.  This would be for all of our classes as well as for the new community college courses.  The only exception to this is we have one Spanish teacher out on maternity and their will be a substitute in her room. 


All students are expected to go to the classes marked on their schedule.  Counselors will be available at lunch time to deal with possible human errors.  Remember, a human error is when a student has been placed in course they have already taken or was misplaced in the wrong level course. An error is not, oh I have decided I want to take a different class than the one I signed up for last spring.  


Shifting gears, this Tuesday night, August 30th, at 6 pm, there will be the fall coaches parent meeting.  It will be in the auditorium and all parents who has a fall sport participant should be in attendance.  


Last, tomorrow is a big day as it the first day of school for UCHS students.  It is also the first day of school for all students in San Diego Unified School District. When you wake up and get ready for school, you may want to watch the morning news shows as I believe UCHS will be the host school to officially kick off the new school year for SDUSD.


Clap it up!!!



See you all tomorrow Centurions.  -Mr. O.