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Fall Enrollment and Registration for 2020-21 (07-19-2020)

Fall Registration for the 2020-21 School Year (07-19-2020)

Good evening 2020 incoming 9th graders, sophomores, juniors and seniors, 


I know we were not able to get all yearbooks out and all textbooks collected on Friday.  At this time we do not have another day planned as office staff is on summer vacation and won’t be back until after August 10th.  We are sorry for this delay.


Shifting gears, please know we now have posted all documents needed for the 2020-21 school year.  You may recall in the past we have given out registration packets and had students return these in August in prior years.  Given the pandemic still present in our community, we are not allowed to have students and parents on campus this summer to turn in documents.  We have tried to set up a method for parents and students to complete the necessary documents by submitting them via the school website. We have a direct link for this process and it is located on the left side of the front page and it is called: New Student Enrollment and Registration.  Students will be grouped into one of three groups depending on their returning or new status to UCHS.  These groups are labeled A, B, or C.  Group A will be for new students to UCHS that have not yet enrolled. Groups B and C will be for students who have enrolled are returning to UCHS.


All should know that the person completing the process needs to have all forms saved on their computer before starting the registration pages. The system will not allow a person to get through half of the information and save.  The person completing the registration pages has to complete it all in one sitting.  Again, gather up all documents and have them saved on your computer before starting the registration process.  All documents and information needed will be explained before starting.


Please know we will not have office staff available to answer questions about the online registration process until after they return August 10th.  We will, however, periodically have someone check the UCHS-ParentPortal@sandi.net.  If a parent knows a student will not be returning to UCHS, you can email me at jolivero@sandi.net to let me know.  Please know we will need to know the name of the school, the city, the state, and location for the next school a student will be attending.


Because we will be starting the school year online, all students will need a computer.  Many have these from last year, but not all picked them up in the spring.  I will be sharing information in August for how students will get them. Also, I am told the official district survey will go out August 10th for all students to decide what form of schooling they prefer for the coming school year when we return to in-person instruction. Students/parents will need to share this vital information so that we can create a schedule for them.  In turn, this information will be used to create a schedule for teachers.


Please know that I will continue to provide you updates as we make our way through the summer months. Tomorrow we are to learn what CIF has decided for our athletic teams. Please keep in mind that what they decide isnt the final say.  Each school district then will need to decide what these means for their schools. Please keep in mind San Diego Unified will need some time to determine what the decisions mean for our schools.


Stay healthy and well Cents.   Mr. O.